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>basic wage: we offer competitive fixed salaries based on employee's job responsibilities, and follow the salary growth plan for staff with consistent good performance each year.

>performance pay: at the end of every year, we will award year-end bonus according to employee and company's performance. the year-end bonus reflects the employee's performance and contribution and ensures the salary incentive is performance oriented.

>bonus: we also offer special awards for excellent employees and teams of the year, including award of moving huafu, excellent team award and outstanding staff award etc, so as to acknowledge and motivate the outstanding employees / teams.

>stock options: we provide stock options for the employees who are interested in developing with the company for long-term and have continuous excellent performance, with an aim to allow them to share performance growth of company by close combination of personal interests with the company's long-term interests.

>social insurance: staffs are able to enjoy all statutory social insurances according to laws and regulations of the state, such as: old-age insurance, medical insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance, endowed with free accommodation or housing subsidies (or housing provident fund) according to the workplace.

>other benefits: work meal allowance, overseas assignment allowance, free shuttle bus, free dormitory, paid vacation, holiday condolence and birthday gift etc.