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order consolidation:
consolidate market and order information through supply chain collaboration, provide the tailor-made supply chain plan for diverse customers to improve our services efficiency and the precision level of supply chain.

economics of scale and production by categories:
huafu integrates cotton field, cotton processing, fiber dyeing and spinning to form an industry chain, and distributes the specialized production of over 1.89 million spindles to 30 factories in five regions of zhejiang, the yangtze river valley, the huang-huai valley, xinjiang, and vietnam providing the competitive lead time to customers.

information system, expedite delivery period
huafu is the only mélange yarn producer introducing crm\sap\erp\pdm\atp system, and has realized sharing and coordination of information resources; mass custom-made and quick response are supported by professional information system. the system provides standard interfaces for seamless information connection with upper stream and downstream partners.

closer to clients, faster service
with markets and sales branches all over the world, huafu provides the tailor-made supply chain plan for diverse customers to improve samples, inquiry, quoted price, delivery, order follow-up, distribution, complaint settlement issues for better services and efficiency.