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mélange yarn

mélange yarn is made of two or more different color fibers which are spun after fully mixing, therefore creating a unique mixed color effect.

01environmental friendly

mélange yarn is a fiber dyed product that can save around 60% water and reduces around 60% of waste water compared to conventional yarn dyed products. huafu's mélange yarn features apparent advantages of energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection.


mélange yarn can present multiple colors on one single yarn, which gives it rich colors, slenderness and tenderness. textile made of mélange yarn has a certain ambiguous cyclical effect. huafu not only supplies high quality mélange yarn products, but also is dedicated to demonstrating the internationally fashionable colors in mélanges to enrich the color series of mélange yarn and fashion elements, broaden the colorful world of fashion accessories, to meet the requirement of consumers, winning acknowledgement and praise from international experts of coloring and terminal brand designers both at home and abroad.


mélange yarn has unique dyeing process, and is highly technological in terms of fiber dyes, color matching, and mixed textile of multiple fibers.  on the basis of multi-process innovative ring spun production, huafu early applied the open-end spinning and mvs, as well as semi-worsted yarn production, and has continuously innovated in terms of colors, materials, processes and technology to enrich its product systems.


mélange yarn is widely used in weft knitting, flat bed knitting and weaving machines. mélange yarn is applicable to underwear textile, casual wear, sportswear, shirts, business suites, socks and all sorts of cloth products, as well as bed linens, towels, decorative fabrics and other home fabric products.

  • knitting
  • sweater
  • woven