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skin-friendly in unmatched touch, smooth and delicate ethereal, tranquil, beautiful, like schubert's serenade, elegant, moving, lingering and longer.


every year, huafu blends high-quality xinjiang cotton with lenzing tencel, modal, and viscose in the latest fashion colors, giving a skin-friendly, smooth and pleasant feeling in clean, natural and soft fabrics.


as free as clouds in the sky, huafu’s space dye heather yarn has a natural texture. the textile made in high-quality xinjiang long stapled cotton is soft and skin friendly, giving an intimate care for our private part and bringing a more comfortable wearing experience.


the innovative spinning technology blends lenzing modal with cotton, achieving hazy fabric style. the fabric surface is delicate and granular, with a natural and elegant artistic sense. natural and comfortable fabrics make our underwear more comfortable and skin-friendly.