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huafu has a sharp sense of cutting-edge market development in an innovation way by combining the market development and change. every time at the industry fair, huafu always gives us new changes, indicating its insistence on innovation, which should be advocated.

——wang tiankai, the former president of china textile industry federation, and the president of international textile manufactures federation


huafu focuses on the source of manufacturing and the further development of mélange yarn, with the first characteristic as initiator of new color creation; it attaches great importance to effective quality management closely matched in all operation processes.



huafu is going to form a supply chain of cotton, yarn, fabrics, and clothing, and integration of upstream cotton resources is the basis of whole industrial chain. the establishment of flexible supply chain and industrial internet platform will usher a huge development space for huafu.

——《china securities journal》


with "huafu mélange yarn, the fountainhead and engine of fast fashion" as brand positioning, huafu has been developed from nobody to become a mélange yarn enterprise winning the award of color of chinese textile, the only new r & d basis for mélange yarn product in china, the first domestic a-share listed company of mélange yarn industry, and the leading brand of mélange yarn industry.

——《china textile news》


huafu excels the textile industry by thriving on the yarn business.

——journal of china textile industry association "textile and apparel weekly"


as a listed company, huafu has become a leader of mélange yarn industry, a standard- setter of yarn market, a leader of yarn product trend and benchmark of entire industry led by sun weiting, known as "mélange yarn godfather" in the industry.

——《china industry news》


louis dreyfus is currently the world's largest agricultural trader and cotton trader. we are operating the cotton from cotton production countries all over the world. as the biggest mélange yarn enterprise in the world, huafu has been working with louis dreyfus as a tacit understanding and important business partner.

in respect of specialty, huafu has been advancing based on mutual trust and benefit with an attitude of being professional, positive and precise. both parties are constantly exploring and studying new cooperation modes on the basis of original traditional cooperation model under the active response of huafu, such as mode jit etc, for the purpose of effectively controlling risk and cost and ensuring quality and quantity to achieve a win-win result.

in terms of social responsibility, huafu has always been focusing on environmental protection and social responsibility. it is the earliest member of bci (better cotton initiative) in china, and a member of cmia, cotton leads and supima. huafu also purchases organic cotton globally in bulk, produces and sells organic cotton to provide downstream end-users with organic cotton resources. it can be said huafu is unceasingly making effort to promote the use of cotton sustainably developed and sustainable development of global environment.

——evaluation of louis dreyfus on huafu