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keeping on sports , is habbit and faith;
melange yarn is bold in fabric surface and texture, symbolizing progress and choice.


like dotted stars, failing rain drops and blooming flowers, huafu star heather yarn produced with innovative spinning process decorate the fabric by bright colored neps, and bringing fashionable and vivid combination of colors. blending with modal fibers, it adds drape and smoothness of the fabric, and let you feel free, comfortable and fashionable in the sports.


huafu has released three series of functional products by blending technology, i.e. moisture absorbent & quick drying series, moisture absorbent & warming series and warming & quick drying series, of which moisture absorbent & quick drying series functions for heat insulation, temperature conditioning, emission of moisture and breathing, so as to maintain dry and comfort during sports; moisture absorbent & warming series and warming & quick drying series bring running man with warmth and dryness; cotton-like texture is soft and comfortable, it’s pilling-resistant, light, thin and wearable, meeting your all expectations for sportswear.


breaking darkness and chaos, the colors speak out. huafu neon space dyed heather yarn is produced with unique color design and spinning process, the distinctive color scheme gives a visual shock, fluid, bouncy and multi-faced fabric expressing the style of energetic sports, perfect combination of fashion and sports.