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        xinjiang huafu

in 2006, huafu began to invest in xinjiang, and had gradually formed an integrated industrial chain of high efficiency, energy conservation and high value-added from cotton cultivation, cotton processing and dyeing to mélange yarn.

now the scale of 1100,000 spindles of mélange yarn has come into being, with annual output of mélange yarn reaching 189,000 tons. the huafu aksu industrial park under construction has a project scale of 1 million spindles, which once put into operation can realize an annual output of 160,000 tons of mélange yarn.

to guard cotton quality from source, huafu has 8 million mu of high-quality cotton fields at avati along the tarim river, establishing a tianfu cotton supply chain to achieve an annual trading volume of 1 million tons in three years with 100 ginning factories, setting up cotton trading platform, extending the cotton agricultural internet to participate in agricultural modernization.

xinjiang is taken as the focus of investment thanks to its unique cotton and energy advantages. the national strategy "the belt and road initiatives" and the employment project for millions of people and introduction of ten preferential policies bring significant good news for huafu. huafu is looking forward to the regional advantages after the completion of asia-europe high-speed rail network.