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after busy work in fast pace, it slows down to routine life;
tender and kind expression, walking down the street with friend, or dialog with you alone.


huafu advocates full-process environment-friendliness from material to production and product, continuously improves environment-friendly and energy-saving products like sustainable cotton, organic cotton, recycled polyester and natural fiber, so as to make contributions to better future of the earth.


huafu melody heather yarn is produced with unique color design and spinning process, the fabric appears embedded dotted texture, like dancing scores and brings active and rhythmic feeling.


the creek heather yarn is one of most favorite special appearance products, which feature the effect of irregular heather yarn in terms of unique style and outstanding individuality. 100% cotton and wool blended yarns are soft gloss and warming up. combining with low-saturation brown, low-key but fully fashionable.


huafu adopts innovative color matching system, selects xinjiang long staple cotton of good smoothness and silk texture, the garment is visually full, bright in colors; the fabric is smooth and silky hand feel, it is comfortable with highlighted personality.


huafu picks inspiration from the nature, utilizes innovative spinning process to enable the fabric unfolding natural texture effect; the marble heather yarn is produced with unique color design and spinning process, the fabric appears multiple colors, soft and well-organized texture, highlighting your personal proposition of independence and confidence.


the classic snow heather yarn series of products are made from innovative spinning process, enable the fabric unfolding unique effect of colors and texture, various snow effects are clear and refreshing or hazy and implicit; blending of selected long staple cotton and lenzing viscose makes the fabric more moisture absorbent, breathable and draping, with more comfortable wearing experience.